I was very excited to be looking after Rita Ora for The Voice Australia TV Series 2021 for Channel 7. This was going to be a fun fabulous job but also a big and demanding one.

Rita Ora - The Voice judge

Rita Ora – The Voice judge

The first day of filming for The Voice was Blind Auditions. I arrived on set early so I could be organised before Rita Ora arrived. There’s never enough time! You may think two hours is enough time to do hair and makeup but there are many other things going on around that soak up your makeup and hair time

To best utilise the time Hairdresser Lok Lau (AGENT: WWW.mapltd.com/artist/loklau) and I work together can be tricky. It’s like painting a picture on a moving canvas – but you can’t dwell on any difficulties – you just have to get on and make it work.

Kate Darvill (AGENT: B&A ) was the head stylist for Rita on The Voice. Kate is a contributing fashion editor for Australian Vogue Magazine. Such a great stylist and a dream to work with. Kate and Rita had settled on Rita wearing a tight blue sequinned dress – it looked incredible on Rita, hugging her body in all the right places.

Photographer for Rita was the wonderful Lester Jones and Fashion assistant was the fabulous Jana Bartolo.

Rita, Lok and I worked together to find the right hair and makeup look that would complement the blue dress. Lok slicked the hair back in a cool undone way and I added a rocking black eyeliner. I call it Punk Chic.

Rita Ora for The Voice - Makeup Chart by Linda Jefferyes

Rita Ora for The Voice – Makeup Chart by Linda Jefferyes

Punk Chic
This is all about the black eyeliner, it’s a thicker winged black liner, that’s the punk part of the look. The rest of the face is kept soft and pretty and that’s the chic part. Make sure nothing else is overdone. It needs to look glossy and pretty. Think Amy Whinehouse meets Margot Robbie.

Even though the eyeliner is heavy and thickish you still need to have a fineness to it to achieve that chic finish. It should be slightly turned upwards but I like this style of liner when it is a little more straight out from the eye. (see example) This gives it that punk coolness.

Rita looked amazing – it had been a whirlwind, but in the end, it all came together beautifully.



Tom Ford EYE DEFINING PEN – in Black
NARS PRECISION LIP LINER – Vence – Neutral Cinnamon
Linda Jefferyes LIQLIPS™ LIPSTICK – Rose Blush 630

I start by lightly defining the underneath of the eyes using MAC COSMETICS black Technakohl eye liner – blending lightly under the eyes smudging out towards the corners of eyes.

Black ink eyeliner can be very tricky to use – you need a very steady hand and the person you’re applying it to cannot be moving. This is why I will mark out the eyeliner shape first by lightly dotting in the eye line shape.

punk chic - rita ora- linda jefferyes

Once satisfied with the shape I go over it with the Tom Ford ink eyeliner pen.

I love this ink pen – it has two different sides – one shorter and thicker, the other longer and finer. I use both sides equally.

Really curl the lashes. I use my favourite eyelash curler – Shu Uemura – then I added a few coats of mascara: DIOR : Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara in black

Lastly, I applied a set of strip lashes by Slashed.com.au, 3D faux mink – Chantelle false lashes.
I love these lashes developed by this great Australian company who are doing high quality luxurious lashes.

It was really important to keep the lips soft and pretty to balance out the punky eyeliner.

When I lined the lips I very slightly drew over the line of the lip with NARS Precision Lip Liner. This just enhances the size and give the lips a fullness.

I used a matt high pigmented liquid lipstick – Linda Jefferyes LIQLIPS™ – Rose Blush 630 Matte Liquid Lipstick. I needed the colour to stay on strong while filming under the intense lights. I find by applying a high pigment liquid lipstick first then adding gloss the lipstick holds for longer.