RITA ORA – The Voice TV Series Australia 2021

Every episode required a different look for Rita Ora on The Voice Australia TV Series 2021 for Channel 7. This time Rita wore a lace up black dress – this was a hot look and Rita looked outstanding in it. Kate Darvill (AGENT: B&A ) was the head stylist for Rita on The Voice. Kate is a contributing fashion editor for Australian Vogue Magazine.

Rita Ora – The Voice Australia 2021

Lok Lau (AGENT: WWW.mapltd.com/artist/loklau) is the hairdresser that I was working with on Rita. Such a talent and pleasure to work with. Lok is originally from New Zealand. He also worked in London as a very much in demand editorial fashion hairdresser. After having a family, he headed to Australia were he now works as a high fashion hairdresser.

It’s so important for the makeup artist and hairdresser to work together stylistically. We talk it out, brainstorm ideas and come up with the best hair and makeup look to suit Rita and her outfit.

Lok’s choice to do a soft curly up do was perfection, and it allowed me to give the makeup some strength.

RITA ORA – The Voice TV Series Australia

I was very excited to be looking after Rita Ora for The Voice Australia TV Series 2021 for Channel 7. This was going to be a fun fabulous job but also a big and demanding one.

Rita Ora - The Voice judge

Rita Ora – The Voice judge

The first day of filming for The Voice was Blind Auditions. I arrived on set early so I could be organised before Rita Ora arrived. There’s never enough time! You may think two hours is enough time to do hair and makeup but there are many other things going on around that soak up your makeup and hair time

To best utilise the time Hairdresser Lok Lau (AGENT: WWW.mapltd.com/artist/loklau) and I work together can be tricky. It’s like painting a picture on a moving canvas – but you can’t dwell on any difficulties – you just have to get on and make it work.

ROSE BYRNE Cover Story – InStyle Magazine

For this Rose Byrne cover story for Instyle magazine we had a fabulous team of Stephen Ward Photographer, Alan White Hairdresser, Creative Director Amber Mackay and Fashion Director Katherine Green, all of whom I’d had the pleasure of working with before.

We were shooting at Mondo Studios, which are quite private, great for someone like Rose.
Instyle Cover Story Rose Byrne
I remember the first time I saw Rose. I was working on a music video for Alex Lloyd that my partner at the time was directing. Alex said he had a friend called Rose that he wanted to use in the video for his single “BLACK THE SUN”. Rose stood out even then, watch the video and you will see what I mean.
Instyle Cover Story Rose Byrne
It wasn’t long after that, Rose starred in the Australian movie “Two Hands” with Heath Ledger and the rest is history.
The best thing about Rose is that she hasn’t changed, still that beautiful girl I met all those years ago. I’ve worked on many different things with Rose over the years. I was excited to see her and touch base again.

Of course, there’s a lot riding on a shoot like this. The magazine needs a great editorial plus a cover that will catch everyone’s attention. A cover that leaps off the stands and into your handbag.

Harper’s Bazaar Cover Story – OCEAN ODYSSEY

There are some jobs that stand out. This was one of them – a Harper’s Bazaar cover story branded “Ocean Odyssey” featuring top Australian models Alexandra Agoston, Charlee Fraser, Gemma Ward, Georgia Fowler and Victoria Lee.

Harpers Bazaar Ocean Odyssey Cover

Five top Australian models all together for an iconic shoot on Hayman Island

The Ocean Odyssey cover story for Harper’s Bazaar was about conservation and sustainability, with five of Australia’s most iconic models.

When Naomi (Fashion Director Naomi Smith) first ran the idea by me, and told me who the five girls were, I thought – this will be an amazing shoot – but how was I going to give them all equal attention? (-:
Harpers Bazaar Ocean Odyssey Cover Story Models
Luckily I’d worked with all of them before – actually most of them I’d known since they had started modelling. It’s really amazing to have watched these girls grow up over the years.

From their first shoots, their going overseas to work, babies, boyfriends, marriage and seeing how they developed into women, they became friends and you genuinely really care about their wellbeing.


This Vogue Editorial features bags in a visually inventive way and the shoot was great fun!

Photographer Simon Eeles is an Australian photographer who has been working and living overseas. Simon has a great sense of humour – full of life, and I love how his work has a sense of play to it.
Vogue Editorial - Linda Jefferyes MakeUp - Heavyweights
Cynthia Swanson, a visual artist who recently had also returned to Australia, would also be adding her unique vision to this story.

Cynthia would be using a form of collage as the basis for the design of the pages.
Vogue Editorial Heavyweights Linda Jefferyes
Vanessa Axente, our model for the story is based in New York but spends a lot of time in Sydney because her fiancé lives here.


My agent said to me at the end of 2018 that my first job back in 2019 could be a Vogue India cover story – would I be interested?

I was! Firstly, it’s Vogue, and I was excited when I found out who would be featuring – Anushka Sharma, a huge Bollywood star and producer.

Anushka Sharma - Vogue India cover

Anushka Sharma – Vogue India cover

I’d be also scoring favour with my cricket-obsessed sister and brother, as Anushka is married to the Captain of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli.

Anushka Sharma with husband Virat Kohli

Anushka Sharma with husband Virat Kohli